Subject: Re: emul compat pages?
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Scott Bartram <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 09/04/2000 18:25:49
IBCS2 is in no way related to BSDI.

IBCS2 is a binary interface standard for i386 application programs running
on systems that implement the SVID. The last version I saw (1991) only
specified the COFF executable format and x.out (XENIX) compatibility.

IBCS2 allows us to run SCO XENIX, SCO UNIX, and some ISC UNIX binaries.

Andrew Brown wrote:
> >I think the table ( will be smaller and
> >easier to read than what you have at
> > - I find the
> >"long" listing rather annoying but have to admit it is a pure question of
> >taste.
> i don't really have any comments on the table or the list (they both
> have advantages and disadvantages), but there's one thing that does
> bother me: the use of "IBCS2" and "BSDI" interchangeably.  you have
> IBCS2 under "Which OSs can I emulate" and BSDI (i386/netscape) under
> "Which applications".
> maybe i'm wrong (please tell me if i am), but i always thought of
> IBCS2 as an executable format (or something like that) and BSDI as an
> operating system.
> if BSDI and IBCS2 are the same thing, please use only one.  if BSDI is
> an instance of the use of IBCS2, please note that.  if IBCS2 implies
> only BSDI in the "emulation" section, please note that also.  clearly
> linux is linux, freebsd is freebsd, and solaris is solaris.  IBCS2 is
> only BSDI by case of elimination, since it can't be sco (they're
> listed separately in the same section).
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