Subject: Performance comparisons
To: None <>
From: Brian Gregor <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 07/12/2000 08:48:00
For those who are interested:
On the NetBSD advocacy list there was a message summarizing
the LinuxTag event in Stuttgart, Germany.
had a link to Thomas Graichen's performance comparisons between
NetBSD-current, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux 2.4, Linux 2.2, Solaris 7,
and Solaris 8.  Identical hardware was used for all tests.

These results are at:

A quickie summary of how NetBSD did:
	Filesystem tests - On par with the other two BSD's,
			   faster than Linux, Solaris.
	NFS - both Linux & FreeBSD clients.  This varied
	HTTP - both linux & FreeBSD clients.  Serving pages, CGI,
	       NetBSD brought up the rear.  Serving large
	       files, beat Solaris.
	SQL - All systems roughly equal, except for Slowaris.
	Parallel computing - this is a parallel compile of Mesa 3.0.
	      NetBSD beats out all the other systems by a good

So, there it is.  For details, go to the URL above.  Personally,
I use NetBSD because of the quality of code, stability, and
friendliness of its user community, but performance is certainly
an issue for a lot of applications.