Subject: Re: Pocket EPC ?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 04/20/2000 19:42:31
>Does this baby ( run
>NetBSD, and does anyone know if they ship to europe?

my guess: almost certainly yes.  it'll run win98 or win2k, so netbsd
should be fine.  a few points:

 * no network.  you'll have to get a usb ethernet device.

 * no batteries; line power (110-240vac) only.  the unit itself takes
   15vdc/3amps (for what?!) from the power adaptor.  building
   something portable shouldn't be too hard.

 * no regular serial ports.  it'd be nice to just slap a serial
   console on it (then i could use my palm pilot or hp200lx)...or can
   that be done over usb?

 * they only sell the unit with a 64 or 128 meg dimm, but apparently
   it can handle 256 meg dimms.  when they come out.

oh yes, and they say they *will* ship to europe.  :)

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