Subject: Re: Documentation
To: None <>
From: Mirian Crzig Lennox <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 04/14/2000 09:06:11
In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.1000413150603.24088C-100000@nucleus>,
fission <> wrote:
>I am in favor of a "unified NetBSD guide" but I don't think we need to do
>the Linux thing and develop HOWTOs for every single aspect of the system.
>A certain level of "playing around with the system" should still be
>maintained (IMHO).

I used to think the Linux HOWTOs were a wonderful idea.  However, lately
I've noticed a trend, which is that a given HOWTO will start off with
something like "This assumes you are running a kernel version 1.1.131
or later" (i.e. over five years old).  Considering the rate at which
Linux internals morph into something complete different, the upshot is
that the information in the HOWTO might be useful.  Or it might not.
No way to tell, really.

The documentation in NetBSD may be sparse, but at least when you read
it you are reasonably sure that the information is relevent to the 
operating system you are actually running.