Subject: Documentation
To: None <>
From: Eric Delcamp <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 04/13/2000 01:13:57
Hi !

I'm angry about NetBSD.
We need to STOP all current projects, and go to write DOCUMENTATIONS.
Oh yes, I know, man pages are great, and only little or nothing is missing.
But by documentations, I want to say something like what EVERY free os do at
this time (FAQ, How-To, etc...). Look at FreeBSD; it's a pleasure to
navigate, and lots of subjects are documented.
Look at Linux; Wow, they are at impressive ! Even OpenBSD (the little
brother) is better than NetBSD.
We have a dozen of FAQ, which are nearly all outdated, and no guideline, no
NetBSD is great to USE, but for a newcommer, it's totally useless if you
want to do that is not daily operations (like writing a driver, making own
install disks, ...).
Take an example: tracking current sources. Sup ? CVS ? How ? There are 3
documents about this, 2 of them are too old, and one is uncomplete.
And I have a myriad of examples like this. In fact, all the doc.
Who could write this documents ? Me ? Of course, if I know how to, if I have
the knowledge of the subject, and if someone give advice about format of
text files (a style guide).
But the first writers of documentation should be the programmers. So, STOP
CODING, MAKE DOCUMENTATIONS ! Oh yes, the subject is sooo vast, the amount
of work is sooo important. But we need to begin the work.
We should make a "doc. team", and everyone that submit code to integrate in
the tree, should also submit the proper documentation. No doc, no code in
tree (it's just an idea, it seems too drastic ;-)
I'm sure we have plenty of ideas about this, and I'm ok to talk about this.