Subject: Re: Geek Appreciation Day (Boston)
To: Simon Raahauge DeSantis <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 04/01/2000 21:58:06
On Fri, 31 Mar 2000, Simon Raahauge DeSantis wrote:

# I recently got my NetBSD t-shirt from LinuxMall. Kicks ass. (Except it's too
# large, I need to shrink it down some ; ). Along with the Scottgold badges I
# am tricked out. : )
# I should be at the Saturday part of Geek Appreciation day (or whatever
# they're calling it) sporting my NetBSD t-shirt. God, I love NetBSD. My
# fastest computer is 40mhz. I'm sitting here on a Mac Quadra 650 (33mhz of
# pure power) running MacOS 8 (it did run NetBSD for a year or two) displaying
# X from one of my NetBSD running SPARC Station IPXen. I have almost all the
# computers in the house on the internet with IPNAT (ranging from an IPC
# (albeit with memory problems) to an iBook connected to the lan with an
# Airport (such a neat gadget)). NetBSD is dependable. NetBSD is beautiful.
# There are no gross hacks. There are no idiotic 'features'...

...modulo the proposed split of /etc/rc.conf...

# I can get an
# esoteric and cheap computer (I'm an unemployed college dropout) and know
# that there's an OS I know and love that will run on it. Reformatting my
# 200mb hd on the Quadra years ago (1.2?) and booting NetBSD was a bit of a
# trial by fire, but that's half the fun! Learning so much so quickly was
# exciting. Within days I had it online with dip, and then later I figured out
# pppd and then I got a cable modem and used dhclient and I got more computers
# and I setup IPNAT and so on and on. Now I sit on my lovely Mac looking at X
# and I have part of my homedirectory mounted on the Mac with netatalk typing
# this on my beautiful IPX running NetBSD 1.4.1 (I'll upgrade one of these
# days, maybe when I move the machines to a different room). There are times
# when I realize I could be in Linux hell with half baked support for non-x86
# platforms, bazar code, and wanking myself to death over my 500mhz Pentium
# III and how 31337 Linux is in general. These times I am thankful for NetBSD.
# Thank you all of you for making such a wonderful thing.

All in all, so far, even with rc.d, NetBSD is still worth running far
and away over any other platform out there, and I will echo the above
sentiments as someone who's been with NetBSD/sparc since its inception.

Now if we can ansify the Sun consoles and support the 24-bit frame buffers

BSD: a server in every port.