Subject: linuxmall selling netbsd t-shirts
To: None <>
From: Ethan Bakshy <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/28/2000 21:26:14
Well, seems to be selling NetBSD T-Shirts. The front has
the NetBSD picture that is on the front of the nbetsd site of daemons setting
the netbsd flag on a pile of boxen. The back has the listing of first
port release dates similar to that of the NetBSD Live Tour of '96. The
shirt is 14 USD, and is only avaliable in XL in White :-/ But its
still a NetBSD shirt, so I'll get it. Hm, it would be nice if we got a
bit of their profits, eh? ;)

Kind of surprising that a linux store would sell a netbsd shirt, but then
again, who else would?