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From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
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Date: 01/20/2000 13:55:19
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I was at SoftPRO in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA last night, and the owne=
proprietor was there. I noticed that he had OpenBSD CDs there - about three
or four of them. He says they've been leaping off the shelves, and that Fre=
BSD CDs also fly off the shelves rapidly. He'd ordered thirty or so CDs and
within a couple weeks most of them had sold. I talked him up about NetBSD,
and he was interested in carrying NetBSD CDs. He also said he thought it
might be cool to do install fests. I'm more interested in the CD distributi=
but I can provide contact information to anyone who wants to see about havi=
an installfest-type thing.

My thought about CDs is that it would be nice to wait for 1.5, but that
soon thereafter we should have some CDs made up for SoftPRO and the like.
If we're going to have a lot of new folks getting into NetBSD, I'd think
it would be worthwhile to spare them from the move to ELF. Plus, 1.5 is
going to completely rock anyway, with softdep and ELF and everything. Do
we include pkgsrc as an available set? If we don't, I think we really shoul=
It's been a while since I've done a proper install from a snapshot. Another
thing that would really rock is if we had DHCP support in our install image=
If we don't mind requiring two floppies for an install, I assume we can fit
this in, space-wise...? I don't want to commit to working on it, as I've
committed to working on another project right now... I just think it would
be cool.

Anyway, back to the CDs...

I'm willing to kick in a good chunk of the cost of printing CDs professiona=
if other folks also step forward with a willingness to contribute funds and
(hopefully, and perhaps more importantly) some experience with doing pro-
fessional CD print runs. I could burn the things at home, but we should rea=
be at least as professional-looking as OpenBSD for our CDs.

I have some ideas for cover graphics and the like, so I'll make 'em availab=
as soon as I have something to present. I'd very much like to make a bit of
a working group for this, so if you'd like to volunteer, please pipe up.

    Mason Loring Bliss  They also surf who
awake ? sleep : dream;  only stand on waves.

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