Subject: RE: Another Manual ???
To: Dave Huang <>
From: Andrew Crossley <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/20/2000 17:58:30
All this stuff is cool and valid, but having been a teacher for over 10
years with a very successful business in teaching, I believe that NO ONE
PERSON OR ENTITY can explain a concept to 100 percent of the populus.  Some
explanations work for some peope, whilst others may need it explained from a
different viewpoint.  It's the analogy mechanism.  Sometimes I use Pears &
Apples to explain something, and the next person might understand it better
if I talk gearboxes, shifters and layshaft bearings.

All this draws me to say that I believe that putting all your eggs in one
basket may not be a good idea.  That is one reason why I am going to write a
good manual.  Somewhere else, another explanation that might just get
somebody over their hurdle.

Don't worry people, I won't get in the way of any existing work, and you are
ALL free to take what you need from my work and add it to your own systems.
The main driving force behind writing a manual is my own personal learning
benefit.  Trust me, choice is NOT a bad thing.


Andrew Crossly

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Subject: Re: Another Manual ???

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, dkphoto wrote:
> > NetBSD already has a documentation mechanism: man pages.  IMO, *all*
> >documentation should go into man pages and be automaticly generated from
> >there to use as FAQs, install guides, and such.
> Paraphrased, you said: "Let's put the install instructions in the man
> pages!!!... inside the thing that we cannot possibly install without
> those locked-up instructions! That's kind of like saying, "Let's lock the

That's the first part of what he said... but note the "...and be
automaticly generated from there to use as ... install guides...."  The
install instructions would be made available separately from the
manpages, but they'd only have to be maintained in a single location,
the manpages.