Subject: Re: Applixware for NetBSD
To: Charlie Root <>
From: Gregory Sutter <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/12/2000 17:00:41
On Wed, Jan 12, 2000 at 01:51:59PM -0500, Charlie Root wrote:
> I've been contracting at Applix, doing a port of Applixware to NetBSD.
> As feedback into the marketing plan, it would be useful to know how
> much interest there is in the port.
> To refresh everyone's memory, Applixware is an office suite; that is,
> it contains word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, a GUI
> database query engine, etc.  It can read files from M$ Office and many
> other products.
> The Linux version is priced at roughly $100.  If you'd be willing to
> buy the NetBSD version for that price, please send mail to
>, specifying the number of copies and which
> hardware platforms you're interested in.

There is a FreeBSD version of Applixware available as well; it was
reviewed in last month's Daemon News.  The review was overwhelmingly
positive, so it can be inferred that a NetBSD version would be just
as good a product.  

You can read the Daemon News review at

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