Subject: Re: Better than..
To: David Maxwell <>
From: Thomas Michael Wanka <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/05/2000 18:05:27

I discussed that with Manuel Bouyer, and understand that it is a 
problem of the FS implementation of linux. Manuels first message left 
the impresson it did not have to be OS related, and I defenitely did 
not want to blame application programmers of doing a bad job!

But I do not think, that this is a real reason for or against an OS. It 
defenitely is not an everyday problem, although I have to be grateful 
to Manuel for this info, as I will check twice when choosing an OS 
for critical systems. I think, that I should be able to handle most OS 
around (I had my problems with QNX, but in the end it did what I 
wanted) so I HAVE the choice. What about the everyday user? Most 
of the people I know simply could not handle Linux or a BSD, I have 
to recommend to these people to use the preinstalled MS OS on 
their machines, because for them it is the best choice! I cannot 
request them to use an OS they need a technician for every little 

The open source movement will not benefit from frustrated end users.

A good recommendation in this topic should sound like "The file 
system implementation of linux may ristrict its use in critical 
environment, and NetBSD is speedier on older less performant 
systems ... "

I guess we need better recommendations than to convince people. 
In the end it is their choice and they have to live with it and pay for it!