Subject: Re: Better than..
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Thomas Michael Wanka <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/05/2000 15:01:51
On 5 Jan 00, at 8:23, Ted Lemon wrote:

> > To be serious, you wouldn=B4t do 1.) to a machine on real life.
> You wouldn't.   The power company would.    I have no personal
> experience with Linux behaving the way Manuel described, but if it
> does, this is a real problem.   You can't count on perfect power
> delivery, even if you have a UPS.   Safe recovery from a power failure
> is important.
> 			       _MelloN_

He described a mail server with extreamly heavy load, something 
nobody would run without a UPS. My APC shuts down the linux 
server without problems. The other "misterious" thing is there is no 
investigation done what caused the problem, it could be the OS or 
the MTA, the mail server software, incompatibilities between these or 
other components, or things I can=B4t even think about in a short time.

If you take MS problems, the software comes from one source and 
responsibilities are clearly addressable, like the mail server 
problems recently found. Here  we have software from multiple 
sources, responsibility is harder to address. If, e.g the cyrus Imap 
Server is buggy, if the bug is found when run on BSD nobody 
should blame the OS! I am shure, during the developement of 
NetBSD there were bugs and problems, and I would bet there are 
some in current releases, the same applies to any other OS, 
including Linux and to any other software. 

Important was, what had caused this problem and if it has been 

Between, NetBSD is more performant than Linux (specially the 2.2.X 
kernels) on weaker hardware.