Subject: Re: [Frank da Cruz : Re: Kermit and NetBSD]
To: None <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 11/26/1999 16:19:19
On Fri, Nov 26, 1999 at 12:47:46PM -0600, wrote:
> the system.  On the other hand, I personally would love to see a kermit
> package in pkgsrc.

There is one in comms already.

> Well, consider this:  As of yet, *perl* is not in the basic distribution,
> nor will it be any time soon.  It's a package.  You can *add* the package,
> but it's not "part of the system".

I don't think Frank was ever pushing for inclusion in the base.tgz of a
release, just to 'distribute' the cku192src.tar.gz in the distfiles
pkgsrc directory as shipped on a CD, so someone can more convieniently
determine if Kermit is useful to them. I think he said FreeBSD and 
Linux include this in their equivalent already.

> This would make it an excellent package, although I'm not sure the package
> system has the idea of "commercial use okay, not for resale".

It has a bit of a concept, but the two are tied together. It's been
discussed on tech-pkg somewhat, but I never saw a conclusion.

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