Subject: blab.
To: None <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 11/23/1999 10:36:33
So due to popular demand, I've put up a picture of the current
NetBSD build lab project that a few of us have been working on
for some time.

I can't really get any closer because there's a Cray in my Way.

Anyway, from left to right and top to bottom we have:

	- arm32 shark.
	- Alpha Multia
	- HP425t
	- HP425t
	- Power Bar
	- Power Bar
	- Sun 3/80
	- disk chassis for NFS server.
	- disk chassis for NFS server.
	- PPro/200 NFS server (from JTC).
	- pc532   (from Jordan Hubbard)
	- PPro/200 (from BillC and Vixie)
	- mvme167
	- Mac monitor
	- Next68k from Darrin
	- DS5000/133  (cpu from David Burren)
	- VaxServer 3100
	- Sun 4/690
	- Sun 3/60 (inside 4/690 chassis)
	- AnnexII console server (inside 4/690 chassis)
	- Mac Q700

In the back of the main rack:
	- DEC DEMPR coax repeater
	- DEC DELNI AUI repeater
	- some sort of 24 port hub.