Subject: Re: [Frank da Cruz : Re: Kermit and NetBSD]
To: Frank da Cruz <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 11/23/1999 11:27:12
> You distribute only binaries in your packages?  Either way is fine with me.
> (I confess, I have not had time to learn about all the packaging formats and
> issues...)  But it is OK to put source in the package if you want
> to.

We don't bother reformatting source tarballs since the original format
is just fine.  We mirror the original source tarballs on our ftp
server, and distribute makefiles + patch files in a particular format
which will automatically fetch the source tarball, unpack it, apply
patches, and build it.

My question for you:

Can we allow others to mirror the compiled binaries off of our FTP
server and on to theirs?

Can others sell CD's containing the kermit binaries and source

If the answer to either of these questions is "no", I don't think we
should put kermit binaries on our FTP server or mirror the kermit
source tarball on our FTP server.

there's nothing to stop you (or anyone else) from taking the NetBSD
pkgsrc kermit package and building binary packages of it for N
different NetBSD ports, and putting them on your ftp site, but if
folks aren't free to redistribute and resell the source and binary
packages, I don't think NetBSD should be distributing them in the
first place.

					- Bill