Subject: Re: mmmm... most..multi..platform...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 11/20/1999 20:57:45
In message <Pine.NEB.4.05.9911201406060.17606-100000@audrey.Ivy.NET>, Miles Nor
din writes:
>FreeBSD.......most stable
>OpenBSD.......most secure
>NetBSD........most multi-platform

>So, multi-platformness is NetBSD's specialty and a wonderful testimony to
>the value of *BSD, but NetBSD is less secure than OpenBSD and less stable
>than FreeBSD.

>Is that what we believe?

No, frankly.  I believe that multi-platform nature creates stable nature.
A "one in a million" race condition on one platform may be a "one in two"
race condition on another.

Bugs that were untrackable on one platform may be obvious on another; that's
been my experience, anyway.