Subject: Re: mmmm... most..multi..platform...
To: Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET>
From: Mike Hogsett <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 11/20/1999 14:42:58
I think it is foolish to think that NetBSD can compete with 
the current market-snowball happening with Linux right now.  There 
have been many large companies recently openly stating some level of support
for Linux.  Companies such as HP, IBM, Motorola, & Sun to name a few.
Even the news media often features some story or another about Linux.

I can't realy see what advantage NetBSD offers me over any other 
free unix for my PC.  So I run Linux on my PC because it has a large user
base, hardware support for everything I need, and it is what we 
run at work.  I don't have alot of incentive to switch OS's.  It was
bad enough changing distributions.  I can do everything with Linux
that I need to do, in an environment that I am comfortable in. 
What do I get for going to another free unix.  Not any great advantages.
I get all the same stuff, X, httpd, telnet, emacs, perl, etc, etc, etc.

What you don't see me doing, though, is installing Linux/mac68k
onto my MacIIci's.  Why not? Because it is too new.  NetBSD has had mac68k
support for quite some time.  I trust it more than I would anything else
on a Mac68k machine.