Subject: re: SETI stuph
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 07/14/1999 10:27:31
>> 1) Does anyone have source? Can someone make an i386/ELF client for folks
>> who aren't running AOUT compatibility? (Maybe a statically-linked version
>> that's not ELF would suffice, but that would seem to be as much effort as
>> doing an ELF version.)

As far as I know, the SETI folks are adamant about not letting anyone have 
the source... they don't want 3rd parties playing with the source and 
modifying it (perhaps breaking it) and sending them back bad data.  As long 
as they are the only ones with the source they have control over the data 
that is coming back... well, ok, kind-of control.   

Of course, that becomes a problem when you want a NetBSD/pmax version and 
they don't have one...  and they don't have a machine to build one on.  
Perhaps they might consider letting someone port it to another OS/platform 
with some sort of legalese-entrenched non-disclosure agreement... ???

On another note, we've made it up to #60!!!  Keep that data crunching!
I added a 2nd machine...  only a P200, but its chugging along...  and hope 
to add a few more off my little home network this weekend.