Subject: Tell the world your uptimes..
To: None <,>
From: Alan C. Horn <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 07/06/1999 10:17:50
(Replies set to netbsd-advocacy, but I wanted to get a slightly wider
audience so it's hitting current-users as well, apologies if this annoys

(DISCLAIMER - I have no affiliation with this website or tool, I just
thought it was cool, and a good way of promoting the stability and uptime
of NetBSD)

'upclient' - It's in pkgsrc (net/upclient)

  Upclient is a program that keeps track of your server
  uptime, and lets you compare it with the uptime of other
  (similar) hosts. It consists of two parts, a client- and a
  serverpart. The client runs on your server and sends the
  uptime every few minutes to the server. The server
  collects all data in a table on this site. 

Go take a look at the homepage -

Basically, it might be a good thing if a bunch of NetBSD boxen with high
uptimes suddenly appeared on there to move us up the league table. We're 
doing well, but I'm fairly certain we could do better. Surely there are
people out there with higher uptimes than 473 days who want to shout about
it :)

Usual caveats regarding firewalls apply, your mileage may vary, talk to 
your firewall admin if the packets don't get through, etc...



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