Subject: Re: root, toor, csh, sh... (LONG)
To: Marc Baudoin <>
From: Chris Jones <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 03/16/1999 16:40:46
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To: Marc Baudoin <>
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Subject: Re: root, toor, csh, sh... (LONG)
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From: Chris Jones <>
Date: 16 Mar 1999 16:40:46 -0700
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>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Baudoin <> writes:

Marc> Anyway, one thing I won't like in NetBSD is tampering with sh to
Marc> add line editing capabilities or some other goodies.  On many
Marc> Linux systems, where /bin/sh is in fact a bash, I've had a lot
Marc> of problems because bash don't behave exactly like a plain
Marc> Bourne shell.  Please don't do the same mistake.

Been there for a long time already.  Try "set -o emacs" sometime.


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