Subject: Re: Community Issues ** LONG **
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Date: 02/23/1999 01:42:13
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From:	"Erik E. Fair" (Timekeeper) <>
Subject: Re: Community Issues ** LONG ** 
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To:	Herb Peyerl <>
Date:	Mon, 22 Feb 1999 17:41:59 -0800
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That SGI Linux developer is thinking with his software head.

So, go to his boss, and make it plain that what they want to do is
*publish* the hardware specifications so that everyone can run on
their hardware, and thus can they appeal to the maximum number of
buyers, and sell more hardware.

The equation is very simple - more software for your hardware equals
hardware sales, which equals more money, so they should do everything
they can do to encourage people to write software for their hardware.

Even a management weenie in a tie should be able to understand it.

	Erik E. Fair