Subject: Re: Community Issues ** LONG **
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From: David Brownlee <>
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Date: 02/22/1999 18:03:41
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Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 18:03:41 -0800 (PST)
From: David Brownlee <>
Subject: Re: Community Issues ** LONG **
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Advocacy project index:

	As far as indexing the PR (or should that be advocacy :) related
	projects, Tim Rightnour <>, had already setup a
	test online projects server for the NetBSD projects. I'll see if
	hes willing to add an advocacy related section then we can start
	to get this show on the road...

Emulation compatability page:

	As suggested by David Maxwell <>.
	Definitely a good idea - would you be willing to start collecting
	the information on this, and then we could look towards putting
	them up in an online database. Even then we would need someone to
	vet the entries - interested in the job?

Mail to www and webmaster, plus commit access to www:

	I seem to be picking up quite a bit of this at the moment, but
	more help is always appreciated :) Probably the best bet would
	be for some of the existing people with commit access to act as
	conduits for occasional committers. Those who commit enough to
	need accounts should get them (trust me, if I'm having to
	commit large amounts for you I'll scream as loud as necessary
	to get myself out of that loop :), though I don't expect any
	problems in that respect)

web site shop-fronts that seel old hardware and netbsd links:

	Erik E. Fair <>, Joel Reicher <>
	It might be an idea to come up with a standard message indicating
	why it would benefit them to have the link, how to get support,
	etc. In fact maybe even a webpage under a new 'contrib' section
	in the website. Do you want to come up with a page?


	It would probably make sense for the person who pushes news info
	to Daemonnews to also be primarily in charge of updating the
	Changes page on This would among other items 
	involve monitoring most of the mailing lists. I've
	tried to keep the Changes page going, but have been caught for
	time on the Daemonnews side. Calvin Vette <>
	mentioned he'd be interested in this (among other items :)
	If you're willing to start with the Changes pages and Daemonnews,
	just let me know and the job is yours :)


	Looks like Mason Loring Bliss <>
	is ahead of the pack on this :) We should get that advocacy project
	database up!

Getting NetBSD coverage on other sites:

	Again, first stage would be to have a page on
	indicating how best to go about this. Volunteers for writing such
	a page please step forward now :)

Facelift for the site:

	Definitely nice, but a second priority after getting more
	information up (Only IMO :)
	I'd like to come back to this after we have the full set of pages
	on 'how to contribute to NetBSD', and a few other things out of
	the way. I'd also rate improved navigation above improved
	graphics, which is not to say we don't want both!

real-life regional social gatherings:

	Another good suggestion from Mason. Possibly an events section to
	the 'to be introduced' database for coding projects and advocacy
	projects? Might also be an idea to allow people to make
	'outstanding offers' - eg, "if anyone is dropping by LA, then feel
	free to drop me an email on <> to head out
	for a beer".


	1) We'll see if Tim is interested in expanding his database to
	cover the advocacy projects, and possibly events. If not, we
	get someone else to come up with the database (I can even do it
	if needed).

	2) We get more pages up on covering how to
	contribute back to NetBSD (see above database :) hopefully
	written by those who are reading this now and planning on

	3) We make it happen. :)


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