Subject: Re: Community Issues ** LONG **
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From: Chris Jones <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 02/22/1999 18:07:10
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Subject: Re: Community Issues ** LONG **
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From: Chris Jones <>
Date: 22 Feb 1999 18:07:10 -0700
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So, if we want a unifying, happy-sounding goal that we can post on our
web site, why not make it "clean code?"  There have been a number of
times when I've been frustrated with how slowly certain features get
added to NetBSD, but it's always helped to be able to remind myself,
"When it finally does get added, it'll be a *good* implementation."

Having an OS that's built out of (mostly) clean code is really
something to be proud of, IMHO.  We're already doing this, so why not
advertize on that basis?  The trick may be to advertize this without
offending advocates of other OS'es.  We really don't want to start an
inter-OS flame war, I think.


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