Subject: NetBSD/Linux 'distribution'
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From: David Welton <>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 02/19/1999 21:17:09
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From: David Welton <>
Subject: NetBSD/Linux 'distribution'
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Some people have brought up the idea on the Debian (Debian is a Linux
distribution, see for details) lists of extending our
'distribution' to different kernels.  For instance, there is a group
working to make a Debian GNU/HURD distribution.

Someone brought up the idea of using most of the current Debian
userland tools on top of a BSD kernel, which of course sparked
discussions about which one might be most appropriate (at this point,
I should note that no one has actually *done* anything about this, and
I sort of doubt it will ever be more than speculation).

What I was curious about was what sort of reaction this might engender
in the NetBSD community, should something similiar come to pass.  And
no, I'm not trying to troll - I'm truly curious whether we might be
the brunt of a lot of the more vitriolic anti-linux flames that one
sees (and yes, of course, it goes both ways, but I am not interested
in flamewars), whether we might actually get help, or if people would
generally behave neutrally.  I (we) know that the BSD community in
general prefers that license, and of course, whatever BSD kernel and
software they use, so this isn't the question at hand, but rather, how
might we be looked upon for 'taking' this work and using it in our own

I hope this list is the best forum, but since the question at hand seems
more hypothetical and 'political', than technical, in nature, it
seemed appropriate.

Thanks for your time,
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