Subject: Re: 1"x1" 4.4BSD daemon badges
To: Mason Loring Bliss <>
From: Kirk McKusick <mckusick@McKusick.COM>
List: netbsd-advocacy
Date: 01/15/1999 11:43:33
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To: Mason Loring Bliss <>
Subject: Re: 1"x1" 4.4BSD daemon badges 
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Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 11:43:33 -0800
From: Kirk McKusick <mckusick@McKusick.COM>

The description given by you (Mason Loring Bliss) below accurately
describes the state of what is going on with the BSD Daemon badges.
I will make an announcement to the netbsd-advocacy list if/when the
badges become generally available.

	Kirk McKusick


Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 22:27:52 -0500
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
To: "Soren S. Jorvang" <>
Subject: Re: 1"x1" 4.4BSD daemon badges
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	from Soren S. Jorvang on Thu, Jan 14, 1999 at 03:53:11AM +0100

On Thu, Jan 14, 1999 at 03:53:11AM +0100, Soren S. Jorvang wrote:

> At the time, I got the impression from you that I would have
> to pay you a licensing fee, which deterred me somewhat, although
> not fatally.

There are two things, as I understand it. First, we (I?)
have permission to do a batch of one hundred, with the
royalty coming in the form of a few of the badges for Kirk's
personal collection. Second, the company that seems to be
interested in producing these badges on a regular basis
is, as I understand it, working with Kirk on royalty issues.
They seem happy with the idea of paying royalties, as I
understand it, and that's good, since giving something back
to those who made our OS obsession possible is a desireable thing.

I don't have details about those negotiations, though, nor
do I intend to pursue them, since they'll likely be solely
between Kirk and the company.

I apologize for not posting an update to the netbsd-advocacy
group, but I've been waiting for final details and confirmation
from the company so I could come back with a time the badges
would be available and numbers, and the like.

As for giving them away freely... I'd like to at least have
postal costs covered, to some extent, although self-addressed,
stamped envelopes would cover that. Given the relatively
low price of the badges, I'm not as concerned about recouping
production costs, as it's all for a good cause and it would
be a tangible way for me to contribute to *BSD, and NetBSD
in particular, but that's something to talk about once
badges exist, IMHO.

FWIW, the company involved - at least the one I've been
talking to - can be found on the web at <>.

Also FWIW, I see no reason why we can't have multiple people
having badges done, as long as each individual get Kirk's
permission first. My personal design I'm going to have done
is the BSD Daemon with "NetBSD" written under him. Maybe
others want something else, like the NetBSD "Unknown Daemon"
image or something.

Mason Loring
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