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Minor sysupgrade issue


I am getting (once on amd64 and aarch64):
sh /usr/sbin/postinstall -s /var/cache/sysupgrade/etc.tar.xz -s
/var/cache/sysupgrade/xetc.tar.xz -d / fix ptyfsoldnodes
Note: Creating temporary directory /tmp/_postinstall.19188.0/etc.tgz
Note: Extracting files from /var/cache/sysupgrade/etc.tar.xz
Note: Extracting files from /var/cache/sysupgrade/xetc.tar.xz
Source directory: /tmp/_postinstall.19188.0/etc.tgz
 (extracted from: /var/cache/sysupgrade/etc.tar.xz
Target directory: /
ptyfsoldnodes fix:
[1]   Bad system call         ${HOST_SH} "${MAKEDEV_DIR}/MAKEDEV" -s
pty0 2>... |
      Done                    ${AWK} "\
            BEGIN { before_re = \".*device=...
        Cannot find device major numbers for pty master and slave
postinstall fixes passed:
postinstall fixes failed: ptyfsoldnodes

Upon reboot second postinstall fixes it.


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