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Re: Kernel config options for drm [ Was Re: No HDMI output... ]

On 06 January 2023 19:16:56 (+00:00), Chavdar Ivanov wrote:

> > > On 06 January 2023 16:51:09 (+00:00), Mayuresh wrote: > > > > It works as close to perfect as one can desire.
> > > returns some tens of millions tri/sec under the latest firefox. No
> > > graphics artifacts whatsoever.
> > > Can you tell a bit more about I can see it in "Measuring > > performance" state for long. Not sure what it is supposed to be reporting
> > and after how long.
> > See (I just uploaded it, I will publish the same test using different graphics hardware, browser and OS).

After a brief hiatus following the changes in the run-time loader my laptop can again run X under yesterday's build. I was able to take a few benchmarks and demos using obs, which I've published here - . They are not particularly interesting, but basically demonstrate that NetBSD can be successfully used as a graphics workstation, when utilising one of the supported graphics hardware. The only - unrelated - problem I am having with it is with the Synaptics touchpad - it works fine, with the exception that when a button is pressed, it stops sending any position information to the server, unless one is using the same finger used for the press (it doesn't have physical buttons), so to drag a window, I have to press with one finger, keep it pressed and move it around... Normally one would press with the finger of the left hand and move it around using a finger from the right hand (I am right-handed). I tried with both the mouse and the ws driver, it is the same; perhaps there is a workaround I don't know about. > It takes less than a minute. > >
Chavdar Ivanov

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