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Re: Branching for NetBSD 10

On Mon, May 02, 2022 at 04:22:56PM +0200, Martin Husemann wrote:
> After a bit more than two years after the first NetBSD 9 release
> (9.0 happened February 14, 2020) and nearly a year after the last
> (so far) netbsd-9 release (9.2 happened May 12, 2021) we are in
> the final steps to prepare for the next really great release:
> We are planning to branch netbsd-10 in about a week from now.

As you may have noticed, this did not happen.
Those who followed the NetBSD Foundation's annual general meeting saw
that we discussed a new plan that wanted to branch early two weeks ago -
and that also did not happen.

The major issue that came up late and that we are now trying to resolve
properly before the branch (so we can document what people testing the
branch need to know about it) is the handling of extended attributes
on FFS file systems.

See the thread about "File system corruption due to UFS2 extended attributes"
on current-users and tech-kern, starting here:

We hope to have these changes landed within the next few days and will
start with the branch process right after that.

Sorry for yet another delay, but let's do it right.


P.S.: of course the *real* cause for the delay is that we are still trying
very hard to find reasons to bump the -current version to 9.99.99 - only
two bumps to go!

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