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Re: WDCTL_RST failed for drive 0 / wd0: IDENTIFY failed (SATA autodetection issue after installation)

Well, test went quicker than I expected.  I downloaded the amd64 image for 9.99.97 (assuming it had the fix since it was built 2022-05-25).  When I tried booting the CD in a new VM it shows the same issue - the log shows it found the cd but then it claims it can’t find the root device.  Entering cd0 allows it to proceed.  Also seems like another issue I don’t recall seeing previously. Although the VM is configured with both a PS/2 and USB keyboard and mouse, the keyboard isn’t usable unless I remove the USB keyboard and mouse from the VM.


On May 25, 2022, at 2:44 PM, matthew green <> wrote:

> [ .. ]
>> install 9.99.96 in a Virtual Machine (on Linux using KVM) I noticed that
>> after installing to a qcow2 disk any attempt to boot the disk results in
>> not being about to find the boot device.  However, the boot log shows
> was this between 2022-05-08 and 2022-05-22?  i accidentally
> broke some types of bootable images that Jared fixed, and
> i think this error matches the failure seen.
> .mrg.

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