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Re: Configure Serial Adapter (Robert Nestor) writes:

>Following Michael=92s advice I added this line to sys/dev/usb/usbdevs =
>where other Prolific devices were defined:

>	product PROLIFIC PL2303Y 0x23c3 PL2303 Serial adapter (Null =

I've now added a few models to usbdevs...

>I regenerated the header files and added these lines to the device table =
>in sys/dev/usb/uplcom.c:

>        /* Prolific USB to serial null modem cable */

>Rebuilt the GENERIC kernel and copied to to / and rebooted my system.  I =
>get this result:

>[     4.235870] uplcom0 at uhub1 port 1
>[     4.235870] uplcom0: Prolific Technology Inc. (0x67b) USB-Serial =
>Controller (0x23c3), rev 2.00/3.05, addr 1
>[     4.245877] uplcom0: autoconfiguration error: reset failed, NOMEM

>Did I miss something that is leading to this error?=20

No. A failed reset suggests that the chip isn't compatible to an old
PL2303. But NOMEM suggests, that this is a generic issue in the stack.
Does any other USB device work on that port ? Maybe a reboot helps.

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