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re: Supported graphics (in HEAD)

> 	Radeon RX 550 (HDMI, DP, and DVI with a DVI to HTML converter)

FWIW, i put my RX 550 into my test box yesterday and ran my
basic stress test -- 12 glxgears tiled separately and then
playing a movie on top of it.

it failed.  the GPU resets itself a few times, there's severe
display corruption, and usually a reboot is needed to get
the system back.

i don't know if simple usage will work better, but there are
some significant bugs left here for us to find..  these are
the older bugs from the new drm branch on github before the
merge, in case anyone wants to look at them:

(#42 appears to be the same problems at 24 and 28.)


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