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uvideo uvm_fault panic

Logged in to using firefox on 9.99.96/amd64 from Tuesday and
got the following panic:

crash> bt
end() at 0
kern_reboot() at sys_reboot
vpanic() at vpanic+0x181
panic() at printf_tolog
trap() at startlwp
--- trap (number 6) ---
uvideo_open() at uvideo_open+0x17
videoopen() at videoopen+0x71
cdev_open() at cdev_open+0x19c
spec_open() at spec_open+0x224
vn_open() at vn_open+0x32e
do_open() at do_open+0xc3
do_sys_openat() at do_sys_openat+0x74
sys_open() at sys_open+0x24
syscall() at syscall+0x18c
--- syscall (number 5) ---

[ 4205.3040059] uvm_fault(0xffffa978ca4ba1b0, 0x0, 1) -> e
[ 4205.3040059] fatal page fault in supervisor mode
[ 4205.3040059] trap type 6 code 0 rip 0xffffffff803a8018 cs 0x8 rflags 0x10286 
cr2 0 ilevel 0 rsp 0xffff8501501d2a30
[ 4205.3040059] curlwp 0xffffa978f1bce940 pid 2365.6641 lowest kstack 0xffff8501

(also surprised at the web site as I had no intention of using the camera)
(gdb doesn't cope with the corefile)

crash> print uvideo_open

uvideo_open:            movq    8 (%rdi),%rdx
uvideo_open+0x4:        movl    28 (%rdx),%ecx
uvideo_open+0x7:        testl   %ecx,%ecx
uvideo_open+0x9:        jnz     ffffffff803a8064
uvideo_open+0xb:        pushq   %rbp
uvideo_open+0xc:        movq    %rsp,%rbp
uvideo_open+0xf:        subq    $0x30,%rsp
uvideo_open+0x13:       movq    40 (%rdi),%rax
uvideo_open+0x17:       movq    0 (%rax),%rcx
uvideo_open+0x1a:       movq    %rcx,ffffffffffffffd4 (%rbp)
uvideo_open+0x1e:       movq    8 (%rax),%rcx
uvideo_open+0x22:       movq    %rcx,ffffffffffffffdc (%rbp)
uvideo_open+0x26:       movq    10 (%rax),%rcx
uvideo_open+0x2a:       movq    %rcx,ffffffffffffffe4 (%rbp)
uvideo_open+0x2e:       movq    18 (%rax),%rcx
uvideo_open+0x32:       movq    %rcx,ffffffffffffffec (%rbp)
uvideo_open+0x36:       movq    20 (%rax),%rcx
uvideo_open+0x3a:       movq    %rcx,fffffffffffffff4 (%rbp)
uvideo_open+0x3e:       movl    28 (%rax),%eax
uvideo_open+0x41:       movl    %eax,fffffffffffffffc (%rbp)
uvideo_open+0x44:       movl    28 (%rdx),%eax

PID    LID S CPU     FLAGS       STRUCT LWP *               NAME WAIT
2365 >6641 7   0       100   ffffa978f1bce940       VideoCapture
0    > 213 7   3       240   ffffa978c35ea8c0               usb1




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