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Re: NetBSD-9.99.x No Video

On Mon, 11 Apr 2022, Ron Georgia wrote:

I apologize if this has already been addressed. I installed NetBSD 9.2 on my Intel computer. Everything works well. (Well, the video lags a little). I downloaded netbsd-GENERIC.gz from I unzipped the file and copy it to the root directory as a file called current.

In general, for -HEAD, you have to get the gpufw.tar.xz and modules.tar.xz
sets as well. Your problem may go away, or it may not, if you provide the
firmware blobs: the new DRM driver doesn't work on older Intel integrated
GPU cards (SandyBridge/IvyBridge gen.) if you boot the system in UEFI mode.

I reboot and select the new kernel. Everything appears to be working until
the acpi checks? The PC locks up with a blank screen.

Or, is it this issue:


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