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Re: Status of NetBSD virtualization roadmap - support jails like features?

Hi Greg,

Am 15.04.2022 um 14:24 schrieb Greg Troxel:

   However, this week I read a post on Reddit[2] that was a bit
   disturbing to me. Meaningfully, it proclaims that the main development
   platform for nvmm is now DragonflyBSD rather than NetBSD. It also
   claims that the implementation in NetBSD is now "stale and
   broken". Comparing the timestamps of the last commits in the
   repositories [3] and [4], the last activities are only three months
   apart. The nature and extent of the respective changes is difficult
   for me to evaluate. Is anyone here deeper into this and can say what
   the general state of nvmm in NetBSD is?

1) nvmm seems to work well in netbsd (I haven't run it yet) and there has
been bug fixing.

2) code flows between BSDs a lot, in many directions.

3) You could run diff to see what's different and why.

4) The language in the reddit post does not sound particularly
constructive.  Someone with knowledge of improved code in DragonFly (I
don't know if that's true or not) could send a message here or
teech-kern pointing it out and suggesting we update, rather than being
dismissive on reddit.  Or file PRs and list them; technical criticism is

Probably after your message (which I view as helpful) someone(tm) will
look at the diff.  But if you are inclined to do  that and post some
comments, that's probably useful.

Thank you very much for your points. I will indeed do the diff asap out of interest, although I can't promise that anything can be derived from it - I'm not a kernel developer, let alone know anything about virtualization beyond the administrator level ;-)

But from a roadmap point of view, I see it as a good sign that nvmm gets bug fixes and is described quite comprehensively in the NetBSD guide.

Many greetings

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