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Re: Installing bootx64.efi on NetBSD current?

On 9/04/22 23:25, Martin Husemann wrote:

First question is if the files exist in that install medium - can you
netboot into that netbsd-INSTALL.gz again, go to the shell and
check contents of /usr/mdec?

I did manage to find my way this far before getting distracted by a slightly more important problem on another system.

I saw that sysinst source did seem to copy both bootia32.efi and bootx64.efi without bothering to check if either of them succeeded. When I checked /usr/mdec in the boot image and neither file is there.

My /usr/mdec contains only boot, bootxx_ffsv1, bootxx_ffsv2, bootxx_lfsv2, gptmbr.bin, mbr, mbr_bootsel, and mbr_ext.


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