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Re: null mounts seem to lose directories?

> On 22. Aug 2021, at 09:26, nia <> wrote:
> I have various null mounts on top of a tmpfs:
> $ df -h
> ...
> tmpfs                                         87G   1.0G    86G   1% /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/chroot/1
> /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data/bulklog         237G    79G   158G  33% /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/chroot/1/data/bulklog
> ...
> Directories are not being synchronized properly across the null mount:
> procyon$ ls /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/chroot/1/data/bulklog/rust-1.52.1nb4/
> build.log     checksum.log  configure.log depends.log   pre-clean.log work.log
> procyon$ ls /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data/bulklog/rust-1.52.1nb4/
> ls: /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data/bulklog/rust-1.52.1nb4/: No such file or directory
> The source of the null mount is a ZFS dataset:

> # zfs list
> ...
> tank/sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data             124G   158G  79.2G  /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data
> ...

Using the attached script I see no problems.  What are you
doing between the "mount -t tmpfs", "mount -t null" and this "ls"?

J. Hannken-Illjes - - TU Braunschweig


mkdir -p /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data
zpool create -m /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data tank /dev/md0

mkdir -p /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/chroot/1
mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/chroot/1

mkdir -p /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data/bulklog
mkdir -p /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/chroot/1/data/bulklog
mount -t null /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data/bulklog \

df -h | egrep '(^File|/sand.*chr)'
zfs list

#mkdir -p /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/chroot/1/data/bulklog/rust-1.52.1nb4/
mkdir -p /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data/bulklog/rust-1.52.1nb4/
touch /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/chroot/1/data/bulklog/rust-1.52.1nb4/build.log.t
touch /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data/bulklog/rust-1.52.1nb4/build.log.z

ls /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/chroot/1/data/bulklog/rust-1.52.1nb4/
ls /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data/bulklog/rust-1.52.1nb4/


Filesystem                             Size   Used  Avail %Cap Mounted on
tmpfs                                   67G   4.0K    67G   0% /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/chroot/1
/sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data/bulklog   1.8G    23K   1.8G   0% /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/chroot/1/data/bulklog
tank   304K  1.81G    23K  /sandbox/nb9-i386-trunk/data
build.log.t  build.log.z
build.log.t  build.log.z

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