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Orange pi support for i2c

I have been testing a few SOC systems for i2c support as I have a need to 
replace a failing weather station. Tried a raspberry pi B on the latest 
current and that seems to still suffer the problem outlined in PR48855 which 
has been closed, but need to be reopened.

The Banana pi seems to work OK with i2c with light testing, but I would really 
like a more 'lightweight' platform like the Orange pi zero or Orange pi one. 
Under a recent current both these boot up OK, but there doesn't appear to be 
any support for i2c - how hard would that be to add?

One other issue I noted with the latter two boards is that ethernet no longer 
works - this may be related  to changes to the phy support introduced in 2019, 
but I will only be able to confirm this by bisecting when I get a bit of free 


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