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Re: High vm scan rate and dropped keystrokes thru X?

It has been a very long time since I had to look at UVM stuff, but luckily past me post to Well done past me.

Copying from that post, I was using
  vm.anonmin = 10
  vm.filemin = 5
  vm.execmin = 5
  vm.anonmax = 90
  vm.filemax = 10
  vm.execmax = 30

On 25/07/21 5:37 pm, Paul Ripke wrote:
NetBSD 9.2, amd64, 16GiB RAM, quad core + hyperthreading.

Sounds normal enough.

  procs    memory      page                       disks   faults      cpu
  r b      avm    fre  flt  re  pi   po   fr   sr w0 w1   in   sy  cs us sy id
  0 2 12214336  86564 4043   0   0    0    0    0 66 66 2415 9142 4588 0  3 97

That's 12GB of RAM in use and 86MB of RAM free. Sounds pretty awful to me.

What does top or vmstat -s say about pages active/inactive and anonymous/cachdd file/cached executable pages. This might give you a hint about where all your memory has gone and what it is being used for.


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