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Re: ZFS on current vs wedges - best practice?

On 7/19/21 11:50 AM, Frank Kardel wrote:
Hi Jeff !

Yes, you can use wedge names.

you can configure thm like "zpool create tank raidz2 wedges/wedgename-a wedges/wedgename-b wedges/wedgename-c wedges/wedgename-d wedges/wedgename-e"

OK, so I have to specify the names at create time?  If so, I guess I can try removing/replacing them.

For wedges to work you need to start devpubd (/etc/rc.conf: devpubd=YES) before ZFS. Currently devpub start too late with its dependencies.

To start devpubd earlier you can use following dependencies in /etc/rc.d/devpubd

# PROVIDE: devpubd
# REQUIRE: root

Ah, OK.  I had forgotten about devpubd.  Thanks!

to recover (not tested) you may try:

start devpubd

zpool export tank # you may try without this first

zpool import -d /dev/wedges # list found pools

zpool import -d /dev/wedges -a # imports all found pools

Recovery was as easy as "zpool export tank; zpool import tank" - it looks at all dk* devices when importing.  I will try the devpubd stuff for avoiding this in the future.

Use the hints at your own risk. I learned those when we briefly (9.99.85-9.99.86) broke zfs vdev access via symlinks. be sure to use a recent (>2021-07-18) -current kernel in case you are running -current.


I will update my kernel ASAP.  Thanks a bunch.


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