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Anyone feel like fixing pkgsrc/emulators/tme ?

The emulators/tme pkg is a nice, lightweight pkg allowing you to run
various sun machines on amd64 (and others). I recently needed it for testing
some openssl fallout in netbsd-9 (where qemu seems to only emulate machines
for which it works and that I also have as real hardware).

Unfortunately the pkg does not work on NetBSD-current.
It needs an obvious fix:

@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@
 # warnings generated, increasing with every compiler version.
 CONFIGURE_ARGS+=       --disable-warnings
+NOT_PAX_MPROTECT_SAFE+=        bin/tmesh
 .include "../../mk/"

... but that is not enough, and I didn't have the time to debug further.

Anyone feel like looking into that? The homepage has nice instructions and
setup is very straight forward. I am mostly interested in sun2, sun3 and
sun4c currently.


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