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Re: live-image [virtio disk hang]

Le mar. 1 juin 2021 à 18:35, Rhialto <> a écrit :
> I re-tried the same thing (almost the same thing; the partition was
> smaller) with an amd64/9.2 install in an OpenStack VM: extracting the
> pkgsrc tar file using sysinst. It hung before finishing.
> So there is either some general disk I/O problem, or it is specific to
> virtio disks (which seems more likely, so far).
> I could get the libvirt xml description and/or the qemu command line, in
> case it would provide useful. I did post the dmesg from the -current
> kernel elsewhere in the thread.

Is there any way to get kernel backtrace? It would be strange if it's
virtio unless there is some missed interrupt.

The 4GB RAM should be fine, it's 32MB machines which might have problems :D


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