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Re: building netbsd-9 2 'sync' processes stuck in 'tstile'

I had a few of my systems give similar symptoms once... I upgraded to
a kernel that includes Jaromír's work with... NCQ and DMA.

Some of the changes seemed to rattle loose glitches in the sata
controller code on some boards, I had better luck with ahcisata, but
when we have those interrupt storms that I believe there is a PR out
for... drives seem to get stuck in stile with raidframe.

I have had some video glitches too with larger x11 apps, firefox or
gtk3... where things will stop refreshing unless I swap out and back
into the wscon, or have the window manager reset.  It may just be some
other bug that the interrupt storms make more noticeable, I have no
clue.... It happened a lot on a dell I had that was giving some things
back in acpi which the kernel was barfing at (It was a while ago and I
don't have a log to show), but when I updated the firmware and stopped
getting the acpi errors seemed to mostly even out the interrupts...
and the errors stopped.

I'd suggest peeking to see if you can update that, and perhaps if you
can, slide another brand of drive controller in?  On my SATA machine
with seven drives... I know I have onboard and a four port card in and
understand that may be impractical.


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