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Re: Problem reports for version control systems

Robert Swindells <> writes:

> Lloyd Parkes <> wrote:
>>The network is a 1Gb/s LAN through to a smaller NetBSD router running 
>>NPF with MSS clamping enabled so that I can get Netflix. My ISP does not 
>>use CGN for my IPv4 connection. My IPv6 connection is tunnelled through 
>>to Hurricane Electric in Sydney, Australia.
> Have you tried disabling IPv6 or explicitly connecting using IPv4 ?
> I don't see any problems using IPv6 through NPF to update cvs but I have
> native IPv6 and can use a 1500 byte MTU. I'm also using cvs.n.o instead
> of anoncvs.n.o but they have adjacent IPv4 addresses.
> I'm guessing that your IPv6 tunnel has a lower MTU than your IPv4
> connection to your ISP.

I update over HE tunnels all the time with no issues (cvs, not anoncvs).
IPv6 tends to 1280 MTU; my gif for the tunnel is that, and wthat has all
apparently worked fine.   So always good to look with tcpdump, but I
suspect tunenl MTU is not really an issue.

There are sometimes problems with reachability via v6, and sometimes the
speeds are lower.  More recently, I had one case of v4 reachability
failure while v6 worked, and have sometimes seen lower ping times on v6.

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