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Re: vether vs. tap, initialization order, etc

nia <> wrote:
>I just updated our home router from 9.1 to -current because a
>roommate wanted to use wg(4).
>I use tap as a bridge endpoint for two NICs that are used for
>the LAN.
>I thought I'd be able to copy the configs and do a straightforward
>subtitution from tap to vether but this doesn't work.
>/etc/rc.d/network fails to "up" the bridge on boot.
>The bridge was previously initialized in /etc/ifconfig.tap0,
>like so, now /etc/ifconfig.vether0:
>inet netmask
>!brconfig bridge0 add $int add re1 add re2 up

If vether(4) is like other network devices then I would expect to have
to bring it up as well, I don't see anything in your ifconfig.vether0
to do that.

I have usually brought up the bridge explicitly in /etc/ifconfig.bridge0
rather than from brconfig(8) but don't know if it makes a difference.

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