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Re: HEADS UP: GCC 10 now default on several ports

On 2021-04-17 10:01, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 4/17/21 6:15 AM, matthew green wrote:
i've switched the alpha, amd64, sparc*, riscv*, ia64, and vax ports
have all been switched to GCC 10.

please send-pr or send email here about problems you encounter.

And please report compiler-specific issues such as miscompiliations to the
GCC bug tracker such that a broader audience becomes aware of these problems.

Building from NetBSD-8 does not work. Unsure if this is a known limitation.

Basically, the problem is that HAVE_GCC is there set to 8, and in there is this piece:

.if ${HAVE_GCC} == 9
.elif ${HAVE_GCC} == 10
EXTERNAL_GCC_SUBDIR?=   /does/not/exist

Which means EXTERNAL_GCC_SUBDIR gets set to /does/not/exist
and then borks out with non-existing directory pretty quickly when building the tools.


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