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Re: one remaining mystery about the FreeBSD domU failure on NetBSD XEN3_DOM0

On Fri, 16 Apr 2021 at 08:41, Greg A. Woods <> wrote:

> What else is different?  What am I missing?  What could be different in
> NetBSD current that could cause a FreeBSD domU to (mis)behave this way?
> Could the fault still be in the FreeBSD drivers -- I don't see how as
> the same root problem caused corruption in both HVM and PVH domUs.

Random data collection thoughts:

- Can you reproduce it on tiny partitions (to speed up testing)
- If you newfs, shutdown the DOMU, then copy off the data from the
DOM0 does it pass FreeBSD fsck on a native boot
- Alternatively if you newfs an image on a native FreeBSD box and copy
to the DOM0 does the DOMU fsck fail
- Potentially based on results above - does it still happen with a
reboot between the newfs and fsck
- Can you ktrace whichever of newfs or fsck to see exactly what its
writing (tiny *tiny* filesystem for the win here :)


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