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Re: one remaining mystery about the FreeBSD domU failure on NetBSD XEN3_DOM0

Le mer. 14 avr. 2021 à 03:21, Greg A. Woods <> a écrit :
> However their front-end code does detect it and seems to make use of it,
> and has done for some 6 years now according to "git blame" (with no
> recent fixes beyond fixing a memory leak on their end).  Here we see it
> live from FreeBSD's sysctl output, thus my concern that this feature may
> be the source of the problem:

You can test if this is the problem by disabling the feature in
negotiation in NetBSD xbdback.c - comment out the code which sets
feature-max-indirect-segments in xbdback_backend_changed(). With the
feature disabled, FreeBSD DomU should not use indirect segments.


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