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Re: regarding the changes to kernel entropy gathering

On Apr 4,  9:49, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
} What NetBSD-current is telling you on your Xen system, on a CPU
} predating RDRAND/RDSEED, is the unfortunate truth that there is no
} reliable source of entropy available in your system -- annoying, yes,
} but when you talk about `matters so important as system security and
} integrity' you might prefer to hear about this rather than have it
} swept under the rug.

     I understand the need for good random sources, and won't argue
it.  My question is, how can we tell what random sources a system
actually has, i.e. is there some flag that cpuctl identify shows
when a system has RDRAND/RDSEED?  Are there other sources that can
be positively identified as providing randomness?

}-- End of excerpt from Taylor R Campbell

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