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Re: how do I mount a read-only filesystem from the "root device" prompt?

On Apr 4,  7:34, Michael van Elst wrote:
} ("Greg A. Woods") writes:
} >So with Xen one can export a "disk" (disk, file, LVM partiion, etc.)
} >with "access=ro", and that is enforced.
} >However if one tries to mount such a disk in a domU as root, it fails.
} >	root on dk1
} >	vfs_mountroot: can't open root device, error = 30
} >	cannot mount root, error = 30
} The wedge code always opens the parent device read-write as it is only
} opened once for all wedges.
} I suggested to make it open read-only if it gets EROFS and to validate
} the open mode against what is possible in this state.

     Given that it is possible to have partitions on CDs, which is
common on Suns, but not so much elsewhere, and that anywhere there
is a partition, there is the possibility of using wedges, it would
seem that this is essential.

}-- End of excerpt from Michael van Elst

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