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Re: extra files in DESTDIR

bch <> writes:

questions I still wonder about:

>>>   what arch are you building for
>>>   what was the build host
>>>   what was your line

> So I nuked the /usr/obj directory completely (which contained the DESTDIR),
> used the -A switch to confirm cvs co is properly tracking -current, and ran
> a single job (e.g. no “-j4”) and tools failed to build. I ended up deleting
> the tools source completely and re-pulling and it then built properly. I

This is a clue.   But perhaps you didn't delete the objdir for the
tools.  After cvs up -A, removal and re-checkout should not change.


  cvs up -I \!

and save it.  There should be no output, but you might have built files
in the tree.

Also from top level

  cvs diff -r HEAD -I \!

and again output should be empty.

> went on to build a distribution, and ended up at the same place - failed
> the final checkflist. The offending file is a regular file, while it’s
> analog in my running system is a symlink, which is another curiousity and
> perhaps a clue? I’m still at a loss. I captured the build w script(1) so I
> may be able to provide more information on request.

See src/libexec/ld.elf_so and read the Makefile.  I just removed
ld.elf_so from my destdir and re-ran make install (via using the
arch-specific nbmake in the tooldir) and it worked fine to recreate the

Check that directory specificially in your checkout for not having
spurious files.

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